By Trip leader John Hubbard

The annual BOO RUN is next weekend on the Ocoee River, Sunday, Oct 30!  Wear a costume, decorate your boat, go viral. Who will have the badest, scariest, funniest, or most outrageous BOO RUN outfit and/or boat?   Just be sure to keep it safe for on the water.  There will be a BYOB party afterwards at Rock Creek pavilion.


This year, as an early part of TVCC’s 2017 50th year celebration, we are doing a pre-race cleanup of the Ocoee road from the Boo Run take-out to the put-in.  Give back to the river that gives so much to you.  We meet Sunday, Oct 30, at 11am at the public takeout and will each take a section of the road to pick up trash on the way to the put-in.  We then put on the river at 1pm. Gloves and bags are provided.  Fill a bag with trash. Get Conservation Challenge points for the drawing at the club Christmas Party.    Full trip info is at the club website trip page.


See you Sunday, Oct 30th.