2020 We are Back In Business

Michael F. Shillinger
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3:27 PM (5 hours ago)
to Dian, me

So, yes, folks, were back in business and we’re going back to the river – AS A CLUB!  Stay tuned for the revised training trip schedule and get ready for the required online registration for these events.     There are new waivers to sign as well, so don’t forget to do that when you register for a training trip. 

Rescue Rodeo is on for July 25th, the Club Campout will be on September 12th and the Ocoee Race will be held on October 10th.  Details will be on the website soon and as usual, we’ll need everyone’s help putting these events on.  

Also, folks, many of you have not renewed your annual membership for 2020, so you’ll be receiving an email with the links to renew.  Please don’t put this off.  Although things have been delayed this year, our training program and restarting our operations still costs money to keep going…your dues helps keep that machine going – all year long.

I am recruiting volunteers to be on the Club’s 2021 Board of Directors.  If you have ideas, energy, and want to work with some really smart people, please contact me directly – president@tvccpaddler.com, 423-618-8587.   2021 could be a very challenging year for the club – so we need your ideas – to possibly retool our training program in this new Covid-19 world.  

Meanwhile, lets go boating!  Be safe and please take the precautions necessary to keep you and your buddies safe. 

See you on the River!