2019 Proposed changes – TVCC bylaws and constitution

Dear TVCC Members,

 Please find attached the proposed changes to the TVCC bylaws and constitution.  Most of these changes are minor, but several include the creation and/or definition of positions within the TVCC Board, as well as outlining policies and procedures for effective communication within the Board.  Your new TVCC Board felt these changes were necessary in order to make clearer the expectations of our positions, and also to adapt our communication abilities to fit the technology of today.  These changes will also allow the Board to act quickly on important matters and ensure that we are utilizing our time effectively in order to serve you, our members.  Please take a minute to review these changes and email any comments/suggestions/concerns to officers@tvccpaddler.com.  Per our bylaws, these changes are now part of the one month notice to all board members and will be voted on by Club Members at our Christmas party on December 14th.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and grow our amazing paddle club.SYOTR,TVCC Board Members