Updated 2018 Overnighter Paddle Schedule (as of September 18, 2018)

By Carolyn Rand, Overnighter Cruise Master 

Here is our Overnighter Paddle Schedule for the rest of 2018.  Some dates have changed, so check your personal calendars if you are interested and make sure you have the change!


October 13-14 Toccoa River Overnighter

Contact Ben Johnson if interested.   423 241-3483

Very beautiful clear class II whitewater with 1 class II+ rapid.  water dependent

Any type of boat that you are capable of paddling with your gear in it is acceptable. Keep in mind that there are a lot of rock dodging sections mixed in with some flat sections. People who can paddle well have taken 14 foot kayaks down easily, but I would not take anything longer than that. And don’t bring a boat that can’t take rocks.  Bring a helmit for the rapid right before the campsite.

You will need to bring your own food, shelter and water. and clothing to stay warm on the river and at night. October starts to get cool at night.


November 10-11 TN River Blueway Overnighter

Contact Ben Johnson if interested in going on this trip.   423 241-3483

We will put on the TN River at the Suck Creek boat ramp. Be at the ramp at 10 a.m. Saturday to unload your boats and set the shuttle. We will paddle down and eat lunch on the river so bring a sandwich. There is a Subway right at the corner where you turn onto Suck Creek Road.

We will camp at Pot Point which is a beautifully manacured campsite near the Pot House. If you can only paddle one day, you can leave your car there and take out that night. Or, since the site is accessible by car, you are welcome to just come visit at the campfire that night before heading home, if you can’t paddle. The next morning we will paddle past Raccoon Mountain and down to Sullivan’s Landing where we will have left our cars during the shuttle.


December 27-January 1  Florida Blue Holes Overnighter

Contact Pat Carver at patcarver1055@yahoo.com or 423 304-6519, if interested.

The Florida Blue Holes/Backwater trip has been happening for 30+ years and is always a favorite.  This year, we are headed to the Florida Panhandle, south of Tallahassee in the Wakulla area.

This trip is still in the planning stages but here is the basic plan, details will follow soon:

— Meet up at campground evening of Dec 27th …  Big Party!!

– Campground: Newport Campground, Hwy 98, Crawfordville, FL

— Link: http://www.mywakulla.com/departments/parks/newport_campground.php

–The campground is full now, but call Pat Carver at 423 304-6519 if you are interested in going. We may be able to double up on campsites if possible or you may go to another campground that she can recommend. There are also hotels about 8 miles away.

— Rates for RV spots are $27 per night (Full H/U), $22 (Water/Elec), $11 (Primitive)

— Beware:  They only take cash or checks, no credit cards.  Pay at the door when you arrive.

– Rivers being planned:

— Wakula River

— St Marks River (couple different sections being looked at)

— Econfina River (Ben Johnson will lead)

— Wacissa River , What you need to know:

— Wacissa can be technical.  There is a drop on the Slave Canal

— Do not bring a Sea Kayak for this river, not a good choice.  Something in the 10-12′ range is good choice, but anything you can paddle competently is the correct answer.

If interested:

contact Pat Carver at patcarver1055@yahoo.com or 423 304-6519.  Leave your name, phone number, and email.  She will add you to the list and make sure updates are sent.  Any specific questions, feel free to ask.  See you there.