2018 Ocoee Race Results

10th Annual Ocoee River Race

The 10th annual Ocoee River Race sponsored by Tennessee Valley Canoe Club brought together 144 racers in all age groups on Saturday, October 13th to compete for the fastest time down the middle Ocoee River. Proceeds from the race with be donated to Team RIver Runner to assist with their efforts to help wounded military veterans. See below for pictures of some of our winners photographed by David Cox. These and others are on Facebook with more to come.

With a time of 30:05, Chris Hipgrave and Terry Smith had the fastest times of all 17 divisions and tied for first place in the Elite Men’s Long Boat Division with Nick Troutman running a close 3rd with 30:15. Ace Kayaking sponsored this category.

Adam Masters took first with a time of 39:40 in the Bellyak Division, which was sponsored by Bellyak. Second went to Corey Topping coming in at 47:46 and third to Bill Wunderlich finishing in 57:02.

Shawn Malone finished at 35:06 in the C1 Division.

David Levitt took first place in the Elite Men’s Short Boat division sponsored by Ocoee Dog Day Care. Levitt finished the race in 32:17, with Tad Dennis taking second with a time of 32:34 and Mark Kieran was third finishing at 32:45.

Adriene Levknecht won the Elite’s Women’s Long Boat Division with a time of 31:16 with Kat Levitt taking second with 32:30 and Olivia McGinnis placing third at 32:36.

Adriene Levknecht also won the Elite Women’s Short Boat Division with a time of 33:35. Emily Jackson took second with a time of 35:10.

Keith Sprinkle took first in the Hand Paddles Division, sponsored by Shockerz, with a time of 35:29. Tony Hill took second at 39:04 and Jeremy Thompson finished third at 40:32.

Men’s Long Boat saw JP Bevilaqua in first place at 30:39 followed by Carlos Aranda Mejia in second at 31:00 and Josh Arntzen third at 31:10.

First place in Men’s Short Boat went to Alp Can at 33:30 with Ryan Horn finishing second at 33:47. Chris Chisam was third at 33:57.

David DeHart finished first in the OC1 Long Boat Division which was sponsored by Gnartz Outdoors. DeHart’s time was 37:00. Second place went to Alex Vargas at 37:43 and third to Theodore Gregg III at 38:16.

The OCI Short Boat Division, sponsored by Blackfly Canoes saw Shawn Malone taking first with a time of 36:58. Second went to Rich Moore at 39:08 and third to Kevin McInturff at 41:56.

The Raft Division, sponsored by the Adventurers Unlimited Bus Bar and Grill, was won by Lipstick & Leggings Team with a time of 41:05. Second place went to RMR Team with a time of 42:31.

Sally Edwards won the Shredder Division with a time of 49:49 with Stacee Irwin finishing second at 50:27 and Michelle Hollingsworth finishing third at 50:40.

Chris Hipgrave, with Lydia Wing, returned to the river for the Tandem K2 Division and finished first with a time of 30:07. Terry Smith also competed in the Tandem winning second place at 31:49. Third place went to Morgan Wright at 32:49.

Tandem Adult/Child Division saw Carlos Mejia Aranda in first with a time of 32:03 and Mark Armistead, with Abagayle Armistead, finishing second at 35:32. Third Place went to Jon Manley with a time of 37:39.

The Women’s Long Boat Division, sponsored by Under the Falls Sportswear, was won by Tera Wilson Robinson with a time of 33:15. Alexis Gascon took second with time of 34:23 and Meryl Stark was third at 35:09.

Tera Wilson Robinson also finished first in the Women’s Short Boat Division which was by sponsored by Ocoee Dog Day Care. Robinson’s time was 34:55. Rachel Moses finished second with a time of 35:03 and Chelsey Poole was third finishing in 36:19.

Youth Short Boat sponsored by Ace Kayaking saw Jacob McConnell winning at 33:12. Dano Jones took second at 34:52 and Braeden Baltich was third at 35:00.

Whitewater Boats donated by LiquidLogic and SabCo.

Additional finishing times provided below the photos (photos courtesy of David Cox).