TVCC’s Conservation Challenge to all Members

“Be an example to the paddling community!”

Pledge to clean up, pick up, recycle, and support clean water and healthy rivers.
Here are some ideas to help you get started:
Collect recyclables and deliver to recycling center during a club function, at home, and at work
Support Tennessee River Rescue; Pick a zone and join the effort
Cleanup at any TVCC club gathering/member meeting
Collect trash on any river trip
Use your own refillable bottles a club function and paddles
Bring your own dish & flatware to a club function (example: Holiday party)
Bring your own beer mug to any club function
Suggest a project of your own and implement if approved; Work with the Conservation Officer
Sign the TVCC Clean Water Pledge

Conservation Pledge

Taking the pledge is simple

Read through the checklist, check off the actions you are already taking and new actions that you can commit to take. For each that you check, you can receive two tickets.

Sign the Pledge