Conservation Challenge

The Challenge begins! January 1, 2016

TVCC members will set an example for the entire paddling community by pledging to clean up, pick up, recycle, and support clean water and healthy rivers.

TVCC members can ear raffle tickets towards the prizes below. The drawings will be held at the TVCC Christmas Party on December 10th. Here is how to earn tickets:

Collect recyclables and deliver to recycling center during club function 10
Collect recyclables and deliver to recycling center during paddle school 20
Tennessee River Rescue 30
Any club sponsored cleanup (example:  after Ocoee Race) 10
Cleanup at any TVCC club gathering/member meeting (except paddle school) 10
Non-club sponsored cleanup (example:  school sponsored) 10
Collect trash on any river trip 3
Bring your own dish flatware to a club function (except Christmas party) 20
Bring your own refillable bottle to club function 5
Bring your own beer mug to any club function 5
Come up with a project of your own and implement if approved 10
Sign the TVCC Clean Water Pledge 10

Conservation Challenge Prizes

1 Large smartphone locker for waterproof carry of phone or other items.
1 Eno hammock and straps
1 Goal Zero rechargeable mini lantern-you can use in tent or car and it has ability to charge a cell phone if needed.
1 NRS Co-Pilot River knife
2 sets of Sea to Summit nesting plate, bowl and cup in carry pouch. Each has a set of silverware.
1 Gravity Works 2.0L water filtration system
1 Thermarest Basecamp Mattress
1 Watershed Ocoee dry bag
1 $150 Rock Creek Gift Card
1 $300 Rock Creek Gift Card

Conservation Pledge

Taking the pledge is simple

Read through the checklist, check off the actions you are already taking and new actions that you can commit to take. For each that you check, you can receive two tickets.

Sign the Pledge