Winter Roll Practice

TVCC is supporting our boating community by once again offering Winter Roll Practice twice a month until spring. We are devoted to helping paddlers retain and even sharpen their skills through the winter months. Word has it that this is an amazing facility and that this year’s Roll Practice is the best yet. Come out and join the fun. 

Here are a few things you should know about our Winter Roll Practice.

  • YMCA is located at 301 West 6th Street.  Google map link,-85.3139941,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x534e1d98e10505ce
  • Access will be thru the double doors on the East (right side) toward the rear.
  • Have correct change.  $5 for practice and $5 for ACA insurance or ACA membership number.
  • Try to be on time.  Doors will locked soon after 4PM because the YMCA is closed.  Call me if you have a problem with locked doors.
  • Boats and equipment must be clean.  The YMCA will have a hose, but it will be much easier if you do it at home.
  • Plan on signing a few forms.  Liability wavers for club and ACA.  Bringing a completed ACA waiver will save time.
  • Be careful. 
    • Floors are slippery from condensation. 
    • Tiles can be broken so don’t drop your boat or equipment. 
    • Do not seal launch into the pool.  Put your boat in the pool and then step into it.  Ask someone to stabilize it if needed.
    • No pushing off the bottom with your paddle.
    • Ceiling in hallway is low, careful not to hit the lights with your boat.

Remember to allot enough time to join us for dinner and war stories afterwards.

Check the calendar for dates and times and any special details you might need to know.