May 30 – June 1




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Volunteers are what make TVCC’s Paddle School a success year after year. Our instructors and support boaters are all highly skilled paddlers with a lot of experience on southeastern rivers under their belts. Paddle School is student centered, therefore our instructors and support boaters must have appropriate gear to assist our students including a throw rope, first aid kit, a river runner or creek boat, and a paddle (no freestyle playboats or hand paddles please, Jackson Fun series is ok). A rescue vest with pigtails and quick release is preferred.

Instructors and support boaters are strongly encouraged to attend the instructor training course for Paddle School on Sunday, May 18 from 9:00 to 4:00 pm at the Ocoee River private boater take out. For instructors and support boaters who have not attended the ACA instructor course, this session will familiarize you with what should be covered in your class and methods for teaching these skills. For those who have their ACA certification, this will be a good refresher in preparation for Paddle School. We will be in the water so please bring your boat and gear. Please email Spence Lycan at dogpaddle8@gmail.com.

Class sizes will be an instructor, two support boaters, and five to six students. Instructors and support boaters must be available all day Saturday and Sunday. If you are not available for both days, do not submit a registration form and instead, please contact Rebecca Hendrix at vp@tvccpaddler.com. Preregistered instructors will receive a Paddle School t-shirt, ACA event fees, free camping, and Saturday night dinner. Preregistered safety boaters will receive a paddle school t-shirt and free camping. Thank you in advance for donating a weekend of your time to share your knowledge and passion for paddling with our students!

TVCC Paddle School Instructors
Instructors must be solid class III/IV paddlers with experience assisting in rescues in class III water. Completion of the ACA instructor training course, a swiftwater rescue course, and a CPR/first aid course are preferred. Instructors should be committed to students’ core development and should display exceptional leadership both on and off the water. Instructors are responsible for the overall management of class logistics, schedule, and support boaters. Instructors are responsible for the safety of the students and support.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to individually contact each student in their class prior to paddle school to ensure that they have all the appropriate gear for their class including footwear, non-cotton clothing, and a boat appropriate for the class. Class lists will be provided via email by May 26.

TVCC Paddle School Safety Boaters
Safety boaters must be solid class III paddlers and have a solid whitewater roll. Completion of a swiftwater rescue course is preferred. Safety boaters are responsible for the safety of the students and should be able to handle or manage unforeseen challenges on the river both individually and as a group. Safety boaters should be able to provide support with swimmers, downstream safety, and gear retrieval.

Safety boaters are not instructors, but may be asked to assist and give pointers to individual students who are having difficulties. For this reason, we encourage safety boaters to attend the Paddle School instructor training course. Instructors will communicate specifically with each safety boater explaining where they are needed. It is important that safety boaters remain focused and responsible on the water to provide a safe and consistent experience for our participants.

Applications must be received by May 3 so that we have time to recruit folk via phone if need be.

Please complete the online TVCC membership/renewal form along with your registration.