New ACA and TVCC Annual Wavers

We now have Yearly wavers for ACA and TVCC events. Sign them once a year . Below are the links

  • If you are an ACA member save some trees and everyone time and please sign the ACA Annual Waiver (i.e. no need to do this if you did so for the last roll practice), you will only have to do this once this year and can do so by clicking the following link, we must have a signed waiver from you to participate:
  • ACA 2020 All ACA Events  Annual Waiver
  • If you are NOT an ACA member, we strongly encourage you to join, but if you choose not to then you will need to pay an extra $5 per session to cover your insurance. If you are not an ACA member you must sign the following waiver to participate: 
  • TVCC Waver – This needs to be signed once a year now.  

If you need a hard copy download this link