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2022 TVCC Ocoee Race Volunteers

Please register here to volunteer for any safety or land based jobs. 

2022 Ocoee Race Safety Volunteers

EVENT: 2022 Ocoee Race Safety Volunteers

TRIP LEADER CONTACT INFORMATION: Rob Theurer (423)-404-0347, tellicorob@gmail.com



This event is free to all TVCC membership in good standing! If you are new to the TVCC then we would love for you to join us on this event; please contact the event manager for a one time free participation to check us out. Otherwise please join our club or renew your membership. Joining is quick and easy and only $30 for individual and $35 and up for a family membership. You can join by clicking here.


Girl Scout Raft Race Support Boaters

The Girl Scout Raft race is Saturday September 10 at noon at the Hiwassee take out in Reliance.  This is an event which TVCC has sponsored for more than 30 years.  The girls build their rafts of bamboo and inner tubes and decorate them. They are judged on quality of lashing, decoration and speed to 411 bridge.  It is a fun relaxing afternoon on the Lower Hiwassee, entertaining and being entertained by the Girl Scouts on the rafts.  We will meet at noon with your equipment: boat, life jacket, throw rope, water, snacks, etc. We will run shuttle as quickly as we can so we can assign each support boater to a raft.  I like to have 2 rescue boats per raft.  I am hoping we will have a big turnout since last year it was cancelled and many were disappointed.

Please email me at taylorwatson@comcast.net with questions and sign up for a fun lazy float. Look forward to seeing all my old buddies there.  Long time no see!  Love, Momma T

Boy Scout Raft Race Support

The local Cherokee Council of the Boy Scouts of America is hosting a raft race on August 27. Time TBD. This event will be on the lower Hiwassee River (Hiwassee Outfitters to 411 Bridge). They need as many support boaters as possible to help. If you are available, please consider volunteering and contact Amanda Smith at asmith@daltonstate.edu. 

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