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Trip #Day of WeekDate / TimeRiver
1Saturday6-Jun 10AMHiwassee
Trip LeaderBrandon Beaty(423) 322-7328
1.5Sunday7-Jun 11AMHiwassee
Trip LeaderSteve Crowell(423) 994-4732
Trip LeaderDebby McRae(205) 533-0182
3Saturday20-JunOutdoor Chattanooga Demo Day
Trip LeaderStacy Stone(423) 443-2175
Trip LeaderSpence Lycan(423) 991-4451
Trip LeaderLisa Lemza(423) 243-3530
4.5Sunday28-JunWaterfront Tri*
Trip LeaderTaylor Watson(423) 304-5102
6Saturday11-Jul Nanthala
Trip LeaderDavid McConnell(865) 207-9607
Trip LeaderScott Harrison(423) 240-4288
8Saturday25-JulRescue Rodeo
Trip LeaderMike Shillinger(423) 618-8587
8.5Sunday26-JulBig Bro/ Big Sis Raft Race*
Trip LeaderJim Ledbetter(423) 322-3691
9Saturday1-AugLesser Wesser Messer**
Trip LeaderAndrew Waters(865) 403-0062
Trip LeaderDavid McConnell(865) 207-9607
10.5 Sunday9-AugSports Barn Tri*
Trip LeaderTaylor Watson(423) 304-5102
11 Saturday15-AugPigeon
Trip LeaderBrian Swafford(423) 902-6699
11.5Sunday16-AugUpper Green
Trip LeaderBrandon Koch(313) 505-0718
12Saturday22-AugOcoee Sampler***
Trip LeaderRudy Beaty(423) 715-1520
15 Saturday12-SeptGirl Scout Raft Race*
Trip LeaderTaylor Watson(423) 304-5102
15.5Sunday13-SeptOcoee First Timers***
Trip LeaderCarin Burford(205) 837-3440
Training Trips are continuing education for paddle school students. They differ from regular club trips in that, though no formal instruction takes place, the trips will have sufficient support boaters to assist in skills development. Feel free to ask questions or for help with something as that is why we are there. We encourage you to join in on regular club trips as well, and in some of the listed community service activities and the Rescue Rodeo (whitewater). The white water trips will primarily increase in intensity as the summer progresses, culminating in an Ocoee first-timers trip.
Students wishing to participate in a training trip MUST contact the trip coordinator by the Wednesday prior to trip.
For weekends where there are trips scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday there will be the opportunity to camp together as a group near the rivers. If you'd like to join the fun please contact Teri @ (423) 837-9292 or via email for details.
*Denotes Community Service Activity or other activity - all newbies welcome!
**The Lesser Wesser is a special training trip which focuses on running Nantahala Falls. In order to participate in this trip, you must have attended at least two of the Nantahala training trips.
***Both the Ocoee Sampler and Ocoee First Timers trip will meet at 10am at the lower (private boater) takeout.