May 29 – May 31


This document is a bit long and it contains very important information about Paddle School. Please take the time to read through this whole document BEFORE registering.


We are excited that you will be joining us for Paddle School 2015! Please fill out one paddle school registration form per student attending. Only on-line registration is available and due by May 20th.

In order to save yourself a bit of time at registration on Friday Night, please use the link on the club webpage on the Paddle School tab to print and fill out the adult and/ or minor ACA wavier form. Having this form filled out and signed prior will speed up the process for those working registration and yourself!

If you miss the registration deadline, please contact Ashley Teel at vp@tvccpaddler.com or 908.914.1487 to make sure class space is still available. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all late registrants. You will be charged a $50 late fee when you register after May 20th.


We do our best to set up our classes so that our students get the most out of the weekend. To help us do so, please answer all questions on the registration form. All students who are 17 and under who will not have a parent/guardian present at check in on Friday, May 29th, need to contact Ashley Teel at vp@tvccpaddler.com or 908.914.1487. Parents must sign an insurance waiver of liability form for a minor to be on the water for instruction. We regret that no one under 12 years old on May 29th will be accepted as a student.

Registration will be confirmed via an email sent when the registration form is submitted. Also, please make sure you list an emergency contact and they are available the weekend of Paddle School and not off sitting on a beach somewhere sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it. You know, just in case.


All students must bring their own boat and paddling gear to the paddle school. There are a number of outfitters that you can rent a boat from. One such source is the Rock Creek Ocoee store on Hwy 64 on the way to the Ocoee River. Reserve your boat early! Please see the gear rental checklist to make sure that you bring all the necessary gear with you to Paddle School. This includes fleece and layers to wear on the river. The Hiwassee River water is cold even though the air temperature may be hot.

We strongly encourage all students renting or borrowing equipment for Paddle School to arrive on Friday evening to receive assistance at our Outfitting Tent with any adjustments that may be needed so that your gear fits properly. Taking care of this Friday evening helps our classes get on the water sooner on Saturday morning.

If you have any questions about gear needed for the weekend or are unable to transport your boat to Paddle School, please contact one of our gear gurus:

KAYAK: Brian Swafford 423.902.6699 brianswafford@bellsouth.net; Ruthie MacLeod 901.219.6281 ruthie_0205@hotmail.com; Dave Adkins 423.475.5779 dave.adkins79@gmail.com

OPEN BOAT: Alex Vargas 865.360.6544 irolled@hotmail.com or Lisa Lemza 423.243.3530 lemzala@aol.com

ALTERNATIVE BOAT: Brian Swafford 423.902.6699 brianswafford@bellsouth.net

FLATWATER: Eric Fleming 598eric@gmail.com



KIDS’ CLUB: This class is whitewater kayaking, for students age 12 through 16. Students will be divided into groups based on skill level. All classes will be on the Hiwassee or Lower Hiwassee River.

WHITEWATER KAYAKING: Our most popular course. In a whitewater kayak, the paddler sits with feet forward in a decked boat, using a double bladed paddle.

WHITEWATER CANOING: In an open boat, the paddler kneels on a “saddle”, using a single bladed paddle. Whitewater canoes are paddled either solo or tandem (2 paddlers in the boat).

ALTERNATE WHITEWATER BOAT: Alternative whitewater boats, include Inflatable kayaks (duckies), sit on tops, and recreational kayaks. All using double bladed paddles. These boats are generally more forgiving, easier to get back into, and self-draining. This class is suggested for students who want to learn whitewater skills without the confines of a decked boat.

FLATWATER: This course is on flatwater and covers boats, equipment, safety, paddle strokes, determining where to go, and overnight/multi‐day camping from a variety of flatwater craft. More advanced skills will also be introduced. This class is open to anyone looking to broaden their horizons on flatwater.


BEGINNER: This class is for those with little or no experience river experience. Students will learn and become comfortable with fundamental paddling skills and maneuvers. Students will work on wet exits (kayak), paddle strokes, eddy‐turns, peel‐outs, and ferries in Class I/II whitewater. Classes begin on flatwater and progress to easy moving water (or whitewater).
In short, this level is prefect for those:
• Never been in a boat
• Only been the river a handful of times
• Never taken any kind of instruction

BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE: This class is for paddlers with some river experience, but who are still building confidence in Class II whitewater. Students will build on and refine their skills to go beyond the basic level, review strokes and maneuvers, work on rolls, and gain more river experience. Classes will range from flatwater work to sections of the Ocoee.
In short, this level is prefect for those:
• Some river experience
• Having taken some instruction
• Comfortable with basic paddle strokes and maneuvers

INTERMEDIATE: This class is for paddlers who are solid on Class II whitewater and have a 50/50 whitewater combat roll. Focus is on more advanced river running skills, surfing, and fine‐tuning your roll. Classes will be held on the Ocoee.
In short, this level is prefect for those:
• Comfortable on Class II Whitewater
• Having had instruction before
• Wanting to fine tune paddle strokes and maneuvers

IMPORTANT: Boaters Swim! Sometimes we swim a lot, especially when learning. You will be wearing a PFD, but it’s important that you are comfortable in the water. If you have ANY concerns about your swimming ability, please discuss them with your instructor BEFORE Paddle School.


All paddle school students must be members of TVCC! Please fill out the TVCC Membership form online, this form is different than your Student Registration Form. All TVCC memberships are family memberships so you only need to fill out one per household, and please include all names in that household on the form. Annual dues per membership are $20.

Student fees for Paddle School are only $40 for an entire weekend of instruction and fun! Students who register after May 20th will be charged a $50 late fee, payable when submitting the late registration form. Because class space in classes is limited, please contact Ashley Teel at vp@tvccpaddler.com or 908.914.1487 if you are registering late. We cannot accommodate students that show up at the door. If we cannot accommodate you, your fees will be refunded to you.

TVCC Paddle School is an American Canoe Association (ACA) sanctioned event. If you are not an ACA member, you must pay a $5 fee for event membership. All participants will need to sign an ACA Waiver & Release of Liability form when you check in the weekend of Paddle School. Parents must sign the waiver form for all minors (those under 18 years old, no exceptions).

Camping fees are $10 per person for both Friday and Saturday night. Please include an additional $10 per person for every person camping with you that is not a Paddle School student. Camping will be at the O.A.R. Campground on Welcome Valley Road. Go out Hwy 64 east towards the Ocoee River. The road is just after you cross the Ocoee River on the bridge on the left. Go about one mile on Welcome Valley Road.

We strongly encourage students to purchase the Saturday night dinner. Dinner is $10 per person. After a full day of class on the river, you will probably not want to mess with trying to cook dinner at your campsite. And you will miss out on all the great stories from the day. The menu will include both a meat and a vegetarian selection.

Our fabulously designed Paddle School t‐shirts are $12. Please pre‐order to reserve your shirt as there will not be ones to buy at the door. T-Shirt Designs can be seen on the Paddle School page on the TVCC website.

Applications sent later than May 20th must include payment of the $50.00 late registration fee.

We cannot guarantee a class will be available for you if you register late. All fees except the t-shirt fee will be returned. If no t-shirt is available, that fee will be returned also.

A TVCC Family Membership for the 2015/2016 membership year must be submitted separately from the student registration form.

You have the option to pay by your debit or credit card through PayPal when you fill out the registration form. You may also elect to pay by check. Make your check payable to ‘Tennessee Valley Canoe Club’ or ‘TVCC.’ Be sure your student registration name is on the check. Use the memo field if necessary.

Checks are mailed to our address:
TVCC Paddle School, P.O. Box 11582, Chattanooga, TN 37401.