All dates and places are subject to change.

All paddles are in TN unless otherwise noted

indicates a Current, but not more than Class 1 rapids

indicates a one way trip requiring a shuttle

Check your email the night before a trip for any changes

All paddles are rain or shine

  Dates Location Code Organizer
  12/27-1/1 Near Crystal River, Florida   Ben
  1/10 Sandhill Cranes, Hiwassee Refuge   Eric
  1/15-22 Key Largo to Key West, FL   Mike G
  3/28 Harrison Islands   Eric
  4/11-12 Coosawattee River, GA. Day or Camping (C), (S) Eric
  4/25 Chickamauga to Reeds Rd, GA (C), (S) Eric
  5/2 Sale Creek   Eric
  5/16 Soddy Creek   Eric
  5/23 Oostanaula River, GA (C), (S) Eric
  5/29-31 Paddle  School   Ashley
  6/6 Greysville to Camp Jordan (C),(S) Eric
  6/14-21 Buffalo River, AR (C), (S) Ben
  6/20 Wolftever to Demo Day at Harrison Bay   Eric
  6/27 N Chick and Dam Lock Through (S) Eric
  6/28 Waterfront Triathlon support boaters   Taylor
  7/11 Ocoee, Dam #1 to 2 Rivers Campground (C), (S) Eric
  7/25 TN Riverpark cookout and sunset paddle (S) Eric
  7/26 BB/BS raft trip support. Hiwassee (C), (S) Jim
  8/8 Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge   Eric
  8/9 Dam Triathlon support boaters   Taylor
  8/15 Reed Rd to Dietz Rd, GA, W Chick (C),(S) Eric
  8/15-16 Lake Jocassee, SC overnighter   Richard
  8/22 Cookout and sunset paddle to bat cave   Eric
  9/5 GSRR support boaters. Lower Hiwassee (C), (S) Taylor
  9/5 TVCC meeting and camping, OAR   Don
  9/6 Wolftever Creek   Eric
  9/12-13 Elk River overnighter (C),(S) Uwe
  9/19 Harrison Bay North   Eric
  10/3 River Rescue cleanup   Jim
  10/10 10 mile TN River swim support boaters (S) Karah
  10/10 TVCC Ocoee River white water races   Emily
  10/17-18 TN River Gorge overnighter (S) Ben
  10/24 Hales Bar Eric
  11/7 S Chick. Strechi Farm   Eric
  11/14-15 Etowah River, GA overnighter (C), (S) Jamie
  12/12 Club Christmas Party   Jen
 12/27-1/1 Annual Florida Week   Pat



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    Eric Fleming.