All dates and places are subject to change.

All paddles are in TN unless otherwise noted.

C indicates a Current, but not more than Class 1 rapids.

S indicates a one way trip requiring a shuttle.

Check your email the night before a trip for any changes.

All paddles are rain or shine.

To participate, contact Eric Fleming at


12/27-1/1            Crystal River, Florida.   [Ben]

1/12.                   Sandhill Cranes paddle, Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge.    [Eric]

3/15                    Hales Bar.    [Eric]

3/22  ?                South Chickamauga Creek, Ringgold to Graysville. (C), (S).    [Eric]

3/29-4/1              Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.    [Jamie]

4/12-13.              Coosawattee River, GA. Day paddling or camping. (C), (S).    [Eric]

4/26                    Conasauga River, Dalton, GA. (C), (S).    [Eric]

5/3                      Sale Creek.    [Phyllis]

5/10                    Soddy Creek.    [Eric]

5/30-6/1              Paddle  School.    [Rob]

6/8-15                 Buffalo River, AR. (C), (S).    [Ben]

6/14                    Harrison Bay.    [Eric]

6/21                    Tyner to Chester Frost.    [Phyllis]

6/29                    Waterfront Triathlon support boaters.    [Taylor]

7/12.                   Ocoee, Dam #1 to 2 Rivers Campground. (C), (S).    [Eric]

7/19.                   Tennessee Riverpark cookout and sunset paddle. (S).    [Eric]

7/26                    Rescue Rodeo.    [Andrew]

7/27.                   Big Brother/Big Sister raft trip support. Hiwassee River. (C), (S).    [Jim]

8/10.                   Dam Triathlon support boaters.    [Taylor]

8/16.                   Hiwassee River, Hwy. 411 to 2 Rivers Campground. (C), (S).    [Eric]

8/23.                   Cookout and sunset paddle to bat cave.    [Eric]

9/6.                     Girl Scout Raft Race support boaters. Lower Hiwassee. (C), (S).    [Taylor]

9/6.                     TVCC Annual Meeting – dinner and camping. OAR.    [Brandon]

9/7.                     Battle Creek.    [Eric]

9/13-14               Elk River overnighter. (C), (S).    [Uwe]

9/20-21.              Lake Jocassee, NC overnighter.    [Richard]

9/27                    Soddy Creek.    [Eric]

9/28                    IRONMAN triathlon volunteers. [IRONMAN Chattanooga. Register here

                                    – password is “canoe”]

10/4.                   River Rescue cleanup – S. Chickamauga Creek.    [Jim]

10/4.                   Tennessee River canoe/kayak races.    [Outdoor Chattanooga]

10/11.                 10 mile Tennessee River swim – support boaters. (S).    [Karah]

10/11.                 TVCC Ocoee River white water races.    [Emily]

10/18-19.            Tennessee River Gorge overnighter.(S).    [Ben]

10/25.                 Sale Creek to Tennessee River.    [Phyllis]

11/15.                 Lookout Creek.    [Eric]

12/6.                   Club Christmas Party.    [Jen]

12/27- 1/1.          Florida camping.    [Ben]


Eric Fleming is the contact person for these trips.  For information email him at