Mark Your Calendar for River Rescue

By John Hubbard.   Tennessee River Rescue is happening Saturday October 7th with TVCC sponsoring two cleanup sites.  Mark your calendar.     TVCC is sponsoring two sites to clean up more »

Support TVCC Sponsors who Support Us

Featured Sponsor for September is Rock/Creek, with nine locations around Chattanooga.  Rock/Creek supports TVCC with with Paddle School donations as well as year round discounts for TVCC members.     more »

Rock/Creek Labor of Love Blowout Event

(This is part of the TVCC ongoing promotion of the businesses that donated goods and services to the 2017 Paddle School that were auctioned for money to support club activities more »

Week of Rivers Chile for Clubs

By David Hughes, I am an Athens TN native and got my first whitewater experience tubing the Hiwassee (and jumping off the tressle) at 12 years old, guided on the more »